Students should wear Land’s End Polos (either Navy or Grey) and Land’s End Bottoms (girl’s-skirts, boys-pants or shorts). Squad Locker sweatshirts/Jackets may be worn during winter months, but polos need to be worn underneath. Boys will be required to wear a belt, and tuck shirts in. Under shirts will need to be white, gray, or black, per the current handbook. Girls must wear leggings or shorts under their skirts. Leggings must be solid navy, grey, or black leggings. No mesh or cut-out materials allowed.
**Dress Shirt baby blues will not be required**

House Days (for Middle and Upper School only):
On the first Wednesday of the month, and the last Wednesday of the Month, students may wear their house t-shirt or house color t-shirt (must be a solid color with no graphics) with uniform bottoms.

Spirit Fridays:
Students may wear the current 2022-2023 Friday t-shirts (from the PTO) or game day attire, as well as any Washington School / MAIS t-shirt they may have. All male students will still be required to wear a belt and have their shirt tails tucked in. If a pep-rally is themed for game day, students can maintain the privilege of dressing for this theme if the dress code policy continues to be followed (all grade levels). On Fridays only, students will be permitted to wear jeans, so long as they do not have holes and are not frayed. Spirit Friday will occur every Friday, for the entire school year, for faculty and staff (unless stated otherwise).
**NO sweatpants, athletic shorts, leggings, etc.**

Game Days:
Athletes may wear their team’s uniform or designated sportswear on game days only. All teams must dress according to their coach’s instructions.

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