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Washington’s Grill and Cafe cafeteria continues to be managed by Lexington Independents. The Grill is ready to serve your student on the first day of school. Before the start of school, parents need to add funds to their students’ accounts.

Remember, the cafeteria is intended to be a pre-paid service. Parents must add funds to their students’ accounts for them to make purchases in the cafeteria. Prompt clearing of negative balances is required for your student to enjoy cafeteria privileges or use cash.

Please review previous years’ account balances to ensure the account does not have a negative balance.

Meals, food options, and cost

Lexington Independents’ dining services feature an online pre-payment account system where students’ accounts are charged only for the meals they purchase. Combo meal prices will be $4.75 for grades PK-2nd, $5.50 for grades 3rd-6th, and $5.25 for grades 7th-12th. A la carte items are priced separately. Parents will be able to monitor their students’ purchases using the online system.

Your student is already signed up

Every PK-12 student at Washington School is automatically provided a Lexington Independents account. Parents can access the accounts by using The cafeteria is designed as a prepayment program where parents are expected to fund the student’s account before they make purchases. Parents are notified via email when funds are running low, and parents are expected to deposit funds promptly so that students can continue to use the cafeteria.


MySchoolAccount is an online tool that allows parents to check their student’s lunch account balances and view their transactions over the past 30 days. As parents, you can go online to monitor the food choices your students make each day. We recommend you clearly communicate to your students your expectations about their menu choices and purchase limits. It is up to the parents to communicate and monitor whether the students are purchasing items that they have been permitted to buy.

Obtaining access to your account

  • Every PK-12 student at Washington is automatically provided an account.
  • Parents can access their students’ accounts by going online to
  • Your login user ID and password from last year are still active at
  • If you have not established a user ID and password, follow these instructions: Go online to and select Create a New Account. You will be asked to enter your information and then create a user ID and password. Choose the school district Washington School. You will then be emailed a verification code. Log in to, and you can then add your students by entering their student ID numbers (provided by the school). Once the student has been entered into the account, you can begin accessing your student’s account.

Making payments

Payments to your account can be made online or by cash or check in the cafeteria. If an account reaches a negative balance, your child’s account will be placed as CASH ONLY until funds are received.

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