The formative years of pre-kindergarten through grade five are a time when students need to be nurtured and guided. Emphasis is placed on building vocabulary, developing critical thinking and challenging the student to reason logically. Art, physical education, music and library science are important creative outlets in the elementary school’s curriculum. Students gain enrichment from field trips and resource speakers.

The basic program in the first three grades centers around language arts with an emphasis on instruction in word recognition skills, phonics, oral and silent reading, spelling, manuscript and cursive writing, and creative writing. Also included in the curriculum are the fundamental processes of mathematics, science, health and social studies. Pre-kindergarten through grade three are self-contained.

Grades four and five are departmentalized. Each homeroom teacher at this level is the instructor to her homeroom in language arts. One teacher on each grade level is responsible for teaching science, one for mathematics, one for English and one for social studies.